The journey from field to plate

From seed to the table – follow the journey as we start with a seed and end up with our delicious Fresh and Sweet Peas. Over the course of several weeks, a single seed grows into a plant that produces several pods, each containing many peas. 

Our seeds are specially selected for the flavour they will have when they mature. Beginning in April, they are planted in nutrient rich soil. The ground must be warm enough for the seeds to begin growing.

Each seed uses its stored energy to survive until it can start to grow. Soon it takes in moisture and begins to swell. Sprouts begin to grow upward, and roots grow down into the soil to find more water and nutrients.

Soon the sprout is tall enough to push above the soil’s surface. Tiny leaves begin to show. The leaves take in energy from the sun.

The little plants love lots of sun and rain, but really do best in cool temperatures. Vines and tiny shoots with more leaves begin to grow out from the main stem.

When they are about four weeks old, little blossoms form along the shoots. By now it is June and sunnier. There is more heat in the air and in the soil. The plant needs all the energy it can get to keep growing stronger.

Wherever there was a blossom, a little pod starts to appear. If the plants have had plenty of sun and water, each one will have many pods. Tiny peas begin to form inside the pods.

The plant continues to take in food and water for its growing family. The farmer knows when the peas are just right to be picked, packed and delivered fesh to a store near you!

Our peas are packaged and shipped within 24 hours of being harvested.

Fresh, Sweet and Nutritious!  

We work with the people who sell our product to maintain the quality of Mill Creek Fresh & Sweet Peas. Chilling at just above freezing until they are ready to be used will lock in freshness. 

By keeping close watch of our plantings we can ensure that our peas are harvested at peak maturity to produce the best flavour possible throughout the season.

Peas are not only delicious, but are also very good for you. See for yourself - Go to The World's Healthiest Foods and search "green peas".