The Farmer, The Family

The Vader family of Prince Edward County, Ontario, continues a farming tradition passed down through generations.  Neil Vader comes from a long line of family farmers with ideals of quality and integrity.  These values have guided our business since our beginning in 1978.  Neil and Barb began farming after graduating from university, purchasing land not far from Neil's parents home farm.  They also started building a family shortly thereafter, having three children: Gavin, Beth, and Nathan.  Neil split time between the farm and working as a Field Manager for Baxter Canning, and then Cobi Foods in Bloomfield.  While the canning industry was once the backbone of the economy in Prince Edward County, the industry was in decline in the late 1980s.  It was through his work in the canning industry that Neil saw the opportunity for a fresh pea business.  In 1988, Mill Creek Farm started growing, washing, and packaging their fresh shelled peas and delivering them to local grocery stores.  The peas were an instant success, and both the family and the business have continued to grow ever since.  Gavin, Beth and Nathan have all started families of their own, and also play key roles in the farm's management.  We're proud to deliver our fresh peas throughout Ontario and parts of Quebec and the East Coast of Canada, and strive to always provide the best to you and your family every day.

Team Mill Creek

Just as in any other business, we couldn't operate without a great team behind us.  Over the years we have had plenty of help from our friends and family, that has been invaluable in building our business.  We're also proud to have employed hundreds of students over the years, acting as a first job or that summer job to save for college or university.  We love to hear from former employees who are now building businesses and families of their own, and are happy that we played a part in their lives.  We've also formed long-term relationships with several workers from St. Lucia, who come back each summer to work on the farm.   They have been able to take their experience and income and build their lives back home.